Neko/Human Roleplay

Nekos are treated unfairly, causing them to be the lower being, and making humans dominate the world. There are cat, fox, bunny, and wolf nekos.
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 Chester Lombiod

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Chester Lombiod


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PostSubject: Chester Lombiod   Sun May 15, 2016 1:33 pm

Name: Chester Lombiod

Character Nickname: Cheshire

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Where you're from: Tokyo

Affiliations: Pure bred Cat

Personality: At first glance may appear to be a gloomy boy, and you would be exactly right, he puts no real effort into any emotion and when any emotions come through it is usually a frustrated gloomy. You should probably be grateful you are getting anything really though, because besides using his body language, he rarely speaks and or shows emotions. On top of just not being the sunniest boy in the room, he has a pretty 'wonderful memory' so if you ever cross him he will never forgive you. His tolerance for people, and their personalities has reached it's limit. Least to say he may have a hound soul she isn't exactly like a dog when it some to that happy go lucky type of personality. Something is broken in that department, although it is possible to be fixed, he is still young after all.

He is somewhat socially awkward but that does not mean she does not try, when he thinks it is worth the effort anyway. Despite his gloominess she actually is not as depressing as you would assume. It is what one would call a resting bitch face really... Not to mention due to his young life he is more in the jaded department, he also has moments of being sarcastic if he finds what you says to be stupid. Heck honestly he is just sarcastic in general, it is how he talks in human. This is a habit he picked up from her friend while growing up. He has his moments of talking but he uses body language and emotions to speak. He usually uses this to see how smart you are before bothering to dumb it down with actual human language.

- Fish
- Playing tricks
- Running

- Humans
- Hero-like people


History: Chester was abandoned by his family when he was 5 years old because his family was poor and couldn't take care of him so Chester set off on his own as a lonely cat his family came from a line of pure breds that have special abilities such as evaporation and many others outside of his family. Not knowing what to do Chester gained the life of crime by stealing money from humans and playing tricks on them he thought this was the easiest way to make money because who would hire a neko. After Chester turned 16 he became more agile and perfected turning in and out of his animal form now that he is 17 he is a masterful neko that could be any where at any time. So you better watch out because he might have his hands in your wallet while you are looking at your phone his only weakness to his power is he can't saty in it for long or else he will be stuck in his evaporated form forever but he is learning how to use it everyday.
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Chester Lombiod
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